David From Paddock Wood

“I originally used to go to a chiropractor to help with my back problems, I used to find it helped initially but soon wore off. My wife wanted to start yoga, so thought having heard of the health benefits it would be worth a try, it was the best thing I could have done. Being in my 50’s I am a lot more creaky than I used to be, so have to be a bit cautious how I exercise. Emma tailors her classes for individuals and is always aware of anyone in the class who may have any issues. I find myself during classes being much more flexible and able to get in to positions I had not previously realised I could still achieve. The other great benefit I have found is that after the classes you have a wind down time to recover from the poses in the class, to relax the body and you tend to come out of this feeling much better both, physically and mentally giving a more relaxed outlook on things. Give it a go. It could be the best thing you have tried if attempting to maintain a level of fitness and wellbeing.”