108 Yoga

Welcome to 108 Yoga at Paddock Wood

108 Yoga Studio is clean, welcoming and accessible while allowing you a quiet, secluded space to learn and practice yoga and relaxation.  

Our small classes of up to six students means there is more opportunity to allow you to benefit from personalised teaching and avoid the ‘one size fits all’ approach of some larger classes. 

We offer Yoga classes for complete beginners, mixed ability and established yogis and will discuss the best class options so you can take your pick feeling comfortable that you will enjoy your session.

Yoga is attracting more and more attention as research continues to confirm what this ancient body / mind self care system has long claimed : improved physical health and mental wellbeing.  

At 108 Studio all equipment is provided and there free on-site parking. It really is  an ideal place to learn the art of yoga.


The benefits of Yoga include:

* Building up strength and flexibility within the body – great for healthy backs, recovery for back pain, injury, surgery or general aches and stiffness.

* Improving fitness – great for immune system, recovery from illness, viral infections or general feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

* Relieving stress – helping relaxation and providing positive ways to manage symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks and depression

* Promoting feelings of happiness, calm and peace – great for easing the strains of modern living by taking time for yourself!


Class timetable 

Monday 19.00 – 20.15
Tuesday 09:30 – 10.45 and 19.00 – 20.15
Wednesday 18.30 – 19.45
Friday 09:30 – 10.45
Saturday 09:30 – 10.45

£12 pay as you go or £60 for a block of 6 classes. Pre booking is essential!

One to one sessions bespoke sessions tailored to your needs

£30 pay as you go or £100 for 4 classes 






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